A. Principles

  1. In accordance with the offer published on, ACIM GmbH offers companies and institutions services in the form of consultancy, project management, coaching, mediation, lectures and seminars.
  2. The process is designed on an individual basis. The consultancy services in question are defined, constantly evaluated and modified, if necessary, together by the person receiving the consultancy services, the consultant and, if necessary, by the client.
  3. The first consultation meeting is non-binding, however, it is still subject to a fee because it already constitutes a fundamental part of the consultancy service. If within the first hour it is decided that the process will not be continued, the first meeting will be considered to be an initial contact meeting and will not be subject to a fee.
  4. As a first step, an initial contact meeting lasting a max. of 30 minutes can be arranged on request. This meeting would not be subject to a fee. The purpose of this meeting is solely to enable both parties to become acquainted with each other, to enable the person receiving the consultancy services to provide a brief overview of the current situation, to answer any questions and to clarify whether and in which form a working relationship will be possible.
  5. The consultation process begins with an initial information and negotiation briefing in consultation with the companies and institutions.

B. Offer and contractual agreement

  1. As part of the initial consulting and negotiation briefing, a binding offer will be produced for the costs that are expected to be involved and, depending on the agreement, a budget or a cost ceiling will be defined.
  2. In accordance with point A 2 of these GTCs, the process can be modified at any time to suit your wishes and requirements, even if this results in a lower price compared with the original offer.
  3. An order confirmation will be signed when the client agrees to the contractual agreement, the objectives agreement, the offer and the general terms and conditions of business.
  4. On this basis of this order confirmation, ACIM GmbH will be working for the person receiving the consultancy services within the scope of services agreed upon and the expenses that result from this process will be invoiced as stipulated in the offer.
  5. Should additional expenses arise above those defined in the offer in the course of the consulting process, ACIM GmbH will inform the client and formulate an amended consultancy contract or modified offer together with the client.

C. Billing principle

  1. ACIM GmbH charges for services performed in accordance with the expenditure principle according to applicable hourly rates for private individuals and companies (see rates).

D. Chargeable services:

  1. Consulting and coaching meetings at the premises of ACIM GmbH or at an external location.
  2. Processing time – preparation and follow-up for consultancy meetings.
  3. Written summaries, consultancy reports, evaluations.
  4. Investigations and evaluations on behalf of the customer.
  5. Fees by arrangement.
  6. Travelling time by arrangement.

E. Rates

  1. The rates are set in accordance with point A 5 of these GTCs.
  2. A flat rate can be agreed for a consultancy assignment upon request.

F. Payment terms

  1. The consultancy services will be charged at the end of the consultancy period, by larger contracts or also in stages upon request (generally to the last day of the month).
  2. Payment is due within 20 days.
  3. Part payments can be arranged upon request. Relevant details and terms are settled during the first consultancy meeting or negotiation briefing.

G. Charges for missed or cancelled appointments

  1. There is no charge for consultation appointments which are cancelled more than 48 hours before the appointment. Consultation appointments that are cancelled less than 48 hours before the agreed time of the appointment can be subject to a reasonable cancellation fee comprising a max. of 100% of the time that was booked.
  2. The full rate can be charged for the time that was booked out for consultation appointments that were missed without prior notice.
  3. If the client repeatedly attends appointments late, the full rate can be charged from the time that was originally agreed.

H. Written documents

  1. All consultancy and coaching meetings are confidential and are governed by the rules of professional secrecy, even in relation to a client who is not also the person receiving the consultancy services. Information procedures that apply to the client shall be agreed between the person involved on a case-by-case basis.
  2. The person receiving the consultancy services can inspect the notes and documents produced by the consultant at any time. There is no entitlement to publish these documents.
  3. The test results and outcomes of the consultancy proceedings can only be disclosed to external parties, clients etc. if the person receiving the consultancy services has given his or her written consent.