About Us



ACIM employees are one thing above all else: they are totally committed to helping you achieve success. Our employees are only satisfied when you are satisfied. This is our guiding principle which we adhere to every day.


Our employees have extensive experience in providing consultancy services for customers with sophisticated requirements. We focus on providing solutions, ranging from strategy management to the implementation of solutions, which will support your business operations, uncover potential and enable the business to continue to develop.

Your goals are our goals – we want you to reach new heights of success!

Arne Hodel

Arne Hodel is the founder of the business and a generator of ideas. He also works as a consultant alongside customers, business partners and the public. He has gained over 20 years’ experience in the field of management consulting, system integration and line management in IT businesses both nationally and internationally.


We work with the following international companies:

Yukon Daylight

YukonDaylight is a strategic partner. The company provides consulting services which are performance-oriented and which follow the innovative dosulting approach (doing + consulting).

YukonDaylight has specifically positioned itself in the area of best practice in customer service (EN15838/ISO9001). The company has worked with SQS to develop a quality and management system that has been specially designed for call centres and customer service centres. This standard is recognised around the world and enables companies to achieve operational excellence in customer service. It helps companies to consistently and sustainably meet customer expectations and to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

For further information, please visit www.yukondaylight.com


Angels4Business© is our partner for business coaching.

Angels4Business© Coaching is a unique and efficient method that helps companies enhance their abilities to achieve success. It helps you to identify why and where any weak spots have arisen that you personally, your company or start-up business may have. You can achieve so much more than you think. Targeted, appropriate and with relatively little cost and effort. It does not matter which job situation you find yourself (stuck) in.

For further information, please visit www.angels4business.com


Our network enables us to provide our customers with a winning team derived from a pool of qualified members of staff. Alongside other methods, we make good use of our world-wide network of carefully selected and independent experts who have proven track records demonstrating their wealth of technical and industry-specific experience.