Welcome to ACIM Consulting!



ACIM is an independent consultancy which operates internationally and specialises in CRM (Customer Relationship Management), CIM (Customer Interaction Management) and Customer Contact Centre/Call Centre solutions.



ACIM offers a complete range of business solutions to challenges that can occur anywhere along the value chain. Our services range from strategy development, process analysis, organisational structure through to the design of new solutions.

Our portfolio of services is completed by project management and business coaching in a national and international environment.

Our company uses pragmatic approaches to problem solving. These approaches result in solutions which can be quickly implemented, are cost-effective and user-friendly, and which enable our clients to achieve success and fulfil potential.

We accellerate your success ...

We live and breathe CRM every day with our clients!

We forge close relationships with our clients’ employees who are responsible on a day-to-day basis for ensuring that their company achieves success.

CIM is the cornerstone of your company’s success. Customer Relationship Management with your customers extends beyond systems, processes and organisations. Every single employee in your business is an essential ingredient in your recipe for success.

We set ourselves the goal of strengthening your company and helping it to achieve its objectives more quickly.

.... by unfolding your potential!

We can help you discover potential within your organisation, in your customer service departments, in your call centres and points of sale, and we can help you increase the profitability of your company.


We are committed to helping our customers achieve success!


Our core philosophy is reflected in our positive, dedicated and value-driven approach to our work. We always focus on our goals and on delivering excellent results. Our customers and business partners experience and value our high levels of commitment.


We approach everything we do with a high degree of professionalism and we achieve outstanding results. We measure ourselves against the best and are constantly striving to improve our services so that we can achieve business excellence.


We want our customers to achieve success over the long term. This is why we use our resources to ensure that the right foundations are laid and the necessary conditions are established so that our customers can achieve lasting and sustainable success.